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Our mission is to establish a healing and restoration ministry designed to
help bring spiritual wholeness to the body of Christ, to be fully equipped
to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.

Have you ever asked yourself, will the pain ever end? Will that feelings of hopelessness and discouraged ever go away? Well at Springs of Hope we know exactly how you feel. We all have been there at different times in our lives.

Sometimes all you need is someone to talk with, someone that understands your hurts, fears and frustrations. The questions is, will you give God permission to heal you and change you?

Here at Springs of Hope we are that someone who cares and wants to help you make some sense out of the confusion and help you on your journey to recovery.

The purpose of Springs of Hope is to walk with you as you begin your healing journey. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we will work with you to release your spiritual baggage, give you strength in areas of weakness and bring down the spiritual strongholds in your life. Setting you on the path to complete healing.

How do I know if Springs of Hope is right for me? If you can answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions then you need us:

  • Do you need more hope?
  • Do you need peace?
  • Do you need a breakthrough in your life?
  • Would you like to be an overcomer instead of overcome with circumstances?
  • Do you need a closer relationship with God?
  • Would you like to see your life changed for the better?

For more information about our services click to see What We Offer. Or you can Contact Us for more information.


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